The Truth Is...


The truth is... Allah exists eternally without a time and a place. The truth is that is never going to change. It is impossible for Allah to not exist The truth is Allah is God, God is Allah, there are no discrepancies. The truth is whether or not you believe that He exists or not will not change the fact that He does. You really don't matter, none of us do. The only ones that matter are the Prophets.
And they are all dead, the last Prophet was Prophet Muhammad May Allah raise his rank. There were 124,000 Prophets and 313 Messengers. Every Messenger is a Prophet but not every Prophet is a Messenger.
The truth is Allah does not sit on the throne. That would be blasphemy if one was to think that. Shirk is associating partnership with Allah. This is blasphemy .
Verily, because the Creator does not share partnership with anyone, He is One The truth is Islam is the truth, that is the truth. If you want to be safe in this world and in the Hereafter you have to be Muslim. This is the truth.
I would not lie to you, lying is a sin. Though it may not be a big sin nonetheless it's still a sin. We seek refuge from Allah.
In the end I ask Allah to grant us the sincere comprehension and intention, and we humbly ask Allah to increase our Knowledge.
And Allah knows best always.